Shhh, I am a secret.

I’m a girl and I like pleasant things. I never want to work too hard. I’m easily discouraged and rarely inspired. I stick to what I know; hide my (many) weaknesses and play to my (limited) strengths. I talk a good game even though I’m not exactly sure what the rules are. I fake things a lot. I only really understand words and music and I’m best at them both but better at one than the other. They say Bach was the master of counterpoint and I think that’s true, but I also think Brahms deserves a lot more credit than he tends to get.

I am counting on no one who knows me ever stumbling upon this blog, but just in case someone does, here are three things that will tell you who I am if you deserve to know:

  1. Lilac Tigerlilly Youngblood
  2. Death to Flowers, and
  3. Debussy’s quartet in g minor

I don’t love a lot of people.

I love Brahms counterpoint and words.

I might have loved you once.


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