Monthly Archives: November 2015

It’s safe to write about this one.

I sat next to this one on a bench and watched viral videos. Each I laughed I caught myself moving just a little closer. He has a soft, sturdy shoulder. He didn’t seem to mind the slight weight of my leaning on him.

I let him down once, so he hugged me – long, strong. His arms said, “It’s okay.”

This one is safe to like, and safe to write about.

There’s no danger here.


This is (not) goodbye.

It’s not forever. Matter is neither created nor destroyed, and maybe the same goes for consciousness. I’ll come back when the world is ready – when humankind achieves star travel, and ignorance is rare, and no one laughs at rape jokes. When enough of the world is ready to love me the way my soul needs to be loved, I’ll hear the earth calling. I’ll collect my particles from all corners of the galaxy and return, and I’ll be happy.

But I’m not happy here, in this time, without star travel, where ignorance is bliss and trauma is a punchline. I’m a glitch in the universe. I’m a premature hatchling. This environment is too hostile.

I just need to leave for a while, back to the nebula I was born in. But “it is too far. I cannot carry this body with me. It is too heavy.”

I will look dead, but I promise I am not.

This here is just a body.

But I am in the sky.