Monthly Archives: March 2014

Ten Things That I Know To Be True.

  1. I have got to stop convincing myself that I can do things in less time than I really can. 
  2. I’m not actually very nice
  3. Anyone would be lucky to be loved by me
  4. They don’t care about me; only what I can do for them
  5. Mike Dimitroulakos was not a loss
  6. There are people who I enjoy, but don’t actually care about
  7. “Friend” is a term I am very selfish with
  8. I don’t really miss anyone, ever
  9. Everyone is a little bit terrible
  10. Enough people are a lot terrible.

I might have loved this boy once.

I’m not sure, and maybe it doesn’t matter one way or another. 

But once upon a time I looked to him for comfort, and once upon a time he wanted to be there for me. It was good while it lasted – being wanted, coveted, appreciated, being held, knowing that that young, naive, stupid boy was swooning over a young, naive, stupid me. It was so good while it lasted, and it only lasted a month, maybe a little more, maybe a little less. 

And now we’re both less young, less naive, and maybe slightly less stupid. 

I haven’t spoken to him in ages. 

I think I want to know him again.